AI绘画汇总14000关键词+35个国内AI绘画工具(兔费+付费)头像壁纸不愁-无水印 – Powered by Discuz!


AI绘画汇总14000关键词+35个国内AI绘画东西(兔费+付费)头像壁纸不愁-无水印 – Powered by Discuz!





2 能够打印出来贴家里或许做各种用处出售


4 制造各种数字藏品挂到相应的网站出售









Recently, there are more and more creators using AI software, and they are simple and crude. Today, I have prepared 14000 keywords, and I am no longer afraid of not having original works. Because the images created using AI can be said to be unique, as long as the key description is modified once, AI will automatically generate very beautiful images. It is a very friendly thing for novice Xiaobai, who is not afraid of not having original works, and has strong cashability. 14000 keywords+35 software is optional, and how to cashout AI paintings, In fact, there are already many domestic AI painting tools, which may be free for individual users, but once they become commercially available, they will have to start charging. 1. It can be sold as wallpaper for mobile phones and computers. 2 It can be printed and pasted at home or used for various purposes. 3 It can also be sold through short video streaming or teaching training. 4 It can make various digital collections and hang them on the corresponding website for sale. 5 At present, Tiktok has traffic support for original pictures, Not only attract fans, but also obtain Tiktok creation and realization of short video We media avatar wallpaper expression pack background image How to realize the first: take pictures to benefit from the beautiful pictures made by Al, the most important thing is to do Tiktok Kwai. After publishing the works, many people want pictures, and then guide them into the applet to take pictures, create a collection, top the comment area, and hang the applet directly with the homepage description, In the small program, regular visitors need to watch advertisements to get high-definition images. Watching an advertisement can get around 30 cents, which sounds very low. When a piece of work explodes, hundreds to thousands of them are normal. Second: Music tasks: In fact, many of the videos we swipe every day promote music, and the most common ones are media accounts. Each major blogger, based on the amount of likes, has 100-200 thousand likes, The maximum requirement for each song is 5000. Third, if you want to lead/teach others, you can lead them to their own private domain. If others want to lead them to the group and take pictures, you can set a threshold of 9.9-19.9. You can share some pictures to the group every day, and you can also realize it twice or three times. If you want to teach or sell products for others, the unit price is 2-5, which is one faster

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